Beneficial Ownership Roadmap Workshop - October 31, 2016

Start: 2016-10-31 13:40
Timezone: Africa/Lagos


+ Paper Presentations at the Consultative Workshop for the Benedificial Ownership Roadmap Development:

- Beneficial Ownership Workshop Programme- October 31, 2016
- NEITI Executive Secretary's Welcome Address - Waziri Adio (ES, NEITI)
- NSWG Chairman's Keynote Address - Kayode Fayemi (Chairman, NEITI NSWG)
- Global Regional Experiences - Samuel Bekoe (NRGI)
- Beneficial Ownership: Our-Experience- Deji Olowoporoku (NEITI)
- Revealing Who Stands Behind Companies- Eddie Riche (EITI)
- Beneficial Ownership Advocacy Clip- (BudgiT)
-How London Fuel Corruption-Anthea Lawson (TED House of Parliament)