Nigeria has reaffirmed its commitment to the implementation of the global EITI. President Muhammadu Buhari made the commitment while addressing the 71st session of the UN General Assembly recently in New York. He explained that Nigeria voluntarily signed

The power of films to change mind sets inculcates values system and promote core values through communications has been highlighted.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian Integrity Film Awards (Homevida) Seember Nyager explained during a visit to NEITI that film is a powerful tool that can be used to communicate transparent resource industry governance and pledge the support of her organization.

 “We believe in the power of film to change mindsets, inculcate value systems, promote core national and corporate values and grow the skill sets of young people whilst contributing to national debate on prudent management of Nigeria’s natural resources.”

Seember Nyager, explained that the goal of Homevida is to inform, enlighten, educate and create public awareness on integrity and value issues using film and video as a promotion platform.

The Executive Secretary, Waziri Adio, welcomed Homevida as a channel that provides incentives to young film makers to promote integrity values through film.

Mr. Adio described film as a powerful medium of communication and a tool for advocacy but cautioned that it must be managed effectively to avoid the message being drowned by entertainment effects.

He commended Homevida’s practice of bringing script writers, producers, directors and movie lovers (watchers) together at the planning stages of film production, pointing out that the initiative gives the film the much needed credibility and input from experts.

On the selection of the winning the script, which he expects is done through a transparent and highly competitive process, Mr. Adio said “It is commendable that people compete amongst themselves and experts decide the wining fil which must have gone through various levels of criticism”.

Explaining the process of selecting and producing the films, Nyager said Homevida sends out requests for scripts and sets the criteria for selection which is conducted by a panel of judges comprising producers, directors, writers and film lovers (watchers). The wining script is then selected, produced in short films and aired on various television and digital platforms.

She listed some of the films produced by Homevida to include:”Enitan”, “Feisty John”, “Easy Money” among others.

Nyager who is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Public and Private Development Centre (PPDC) and initiator of the Nigerian Procurement Monitoring Portal explained that the PPDC is an advocacy platform for tracking public services and carrying out smarter analytics of contracts and procurements. The aim being to support decision making around government policies and practices.

The partnership between NEITI and Homevida is part of efforts by NEITI to scale up its communication activities through film and video messages. A similar partnership has also been secured with the BBC Media Action to use drama in disseminating information on natural resources governance issues.